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    Fort Hood, TX - Chaplain

    The Garrison Chaplain's Office is located in Building 44 on 761st Tank Battalion Ave, across the street from the III Corps Headquarters.


    Old Post Chapel 254-288-6545
    Building 53 on 761st Tank Battalion Ave

    Comanche Chapel 254-288-6556
    Building 52024 on Tank Destroyer Blvd. (2 miles west of Clear Creek Rd.)

    The Ohana Place 254-288-7494
    19th Street and Battalion Ave.

    25th Streel Chapel 254-285-6751
    25th Street and Battalion Ave (across from 4ID HQ)

    Spiritual Fitness Center 254-553-1195
    33rd Street and Battalion Ave.

    58th Street Chapel 254-288-6548
    58th Street and Battalion Ave.

    73rd Street Chapel 254-287-0469
    Battalion Ave. at 73rd Street

    76th Street Chapel 254-288-7607
    76th Street and Battalion Ave.

    West Fort Hood Chapel 254-288-9442
    Headquarters Ave. at Clark Rd.

    13th ESC Chapel 254-287-1391
    67th Street and Support Ave. (Across from ESC Headquarters)

    Darnall Community Hospital Chapel 254-288-8850
    Located in the Basement across from the dining facility

    All Catholic Services are held at the 58th Street Chapel at the corner of 58th St. and Battalion Ave.

    Daily Mass
    1200 Mon.-Fri. Except Holidays

    1700 Mass

    0800 English Mass
    1000 English Mass
    1200 Spanish Mass

    Confession 96 Saturday

    Religious Education, Wednesdays at 1800, Comanche Chapel


    Contemporary 1100, 73rd St. Chapel
    Protestant/Liturgical 0900, Spiritual Fitness Center
    1100, 13th ESC Chapel
    1130, Wed. CRDAMC Chapel
    1100, West Fort Hood Chapel
    Gospel 1100, Comanche Chapel
    Sunday School 0930, Comanche Chapel
    Samoan Traditional 1300, 76th St Chapel
    Traditional 1000, 25th St Chapel
    Evangelical 0900, 76th St Chapel

    Tuesday 1900, Spiritual Fitness Center

    Friday 1900, West Fort Hood Chapel

    Latter Day Saints Institute Classes
    Thursdays 1800-2000, Spiritual Fitness Center

    Messianic Jewish
    Friday 1900, 13th ESC Chapel

    Friday 1230, 19th Sreet Chapel

    Open Circle
    Wednesday 1900, Spiritual Fitness Center

    For specific Service Information, please call 254-288-6545.