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    Fort Hood, TX - Arrival

    Getting Here

    When arriving in the Fort Hood area, the nearest major airport is Killeen-Fort Hood Regional Airport and the regional airfield is Skylark Field. Fort Hood can be accessed by taxi and rental cars. If arriving by car, go north on Oakalla Road toward Mitchell Place Road. Turn right onto US-190 East Central Texas Expressway. Merge onto US-190 East and stay in right lane. Follow signs to Fort Hood main gate exit. For temporary lodging, Soldiers PCSing to Fort Hood can call Holiday Inn Express, IHG Army Hotels, 254-532-5157, 254-532-8233 or 1-877-711-8326 for reservations. The Poxon Guest House offers a 75-unit facility on a space-available basis. Keith Ware Hall, Bldg 36006, is main check-in for all locations and is open 24 hrs per day.